Taking great care of your Second Home..on Hilton Head Island

Meet Terry Sundling with Absentee by the Sea. Terry helps second home owners keep an eye on their property from afar. His company makes routine visits to home and villas, oversees projects, arranges cleaning services, is a first responder to alarm system, hurricane preparation, coordinates service personnel and completes photo documentation of the properties under his care. Not only does this help the owner keep up with their property, but these records can build value in the resale. Please visit www.BlogHiltonHeadProperties.com to find out more about Absentee by the sea. Thank you.

A Great Way to rent your property…Hilton Head Properties R and R

Meet Darcey Sundling with HiltonHeadPropertiesRandR.com. Darcey is the property manager for vacation homes and villas on Hilton Head Island. The best way to explain the benefits is with the short video above covering these key questions.

•How can you increase my rental income?
•How will you take better care of my property?

Renovation Revolution on Hilton Head!

In the case of Hilton Head Island, it was started in 1957 by Charles Fraser when he and his brother Joseph started the Sea Pines Company. Frasers’ original vision for development was to embrace the environment and create a resort that offered a lifestyle unique to the Low-Country. With beaches, golf, tennis, nature trails, shops, restaurants, marinas and equestrian activities, Hilton Head Island originally created the demand for visitors and residents to visit and live on Hilton Head Island. Read the rest of this entry


As-Is on Hilton Head Island

Purchasers and sellers of Hilton Head Property will run across “as-is” in the contract form and may wonder what exactly this means to them. As a buyer or seller, the as-is part of the contract allows information about the home to be put on the table. Typically “as-is” means a seller will convey the property with systems in good working order, relatively sound and free of water leaks(less normal wear and tear). If you would like to review this section of the contract visit www.bloghiltonheadrealtor.com and type in as-is in the search section.


Hilton Head Rental Property Readiness!

Home and villa owners that rent their properties can get ready for the rental season with a deep clean and some other ideas suggested by Robert Stenhammer at Hilton Head Accomodations. Please visit www.bloghiltonheadrealtor.comfor a rental ready checklist.

Hilton Head Island ~ Home and Auto Insurance Savings?

The short video above with Robbie Holmquist offers information about Home Insurance in the Hilton Head Area of South Carolina. Robbie presents a new wind policy that can be combined with a Home Owner policy with the possible benefit of saving on the premium with more coverage. Contact Robbie Holmquist or Brooke Cucinella at (843)524-4500 or emails: brookec@tiasc.biz or robbieh@tiasc.biz.

HUD1~Closing Costs for Buyers and Sellers

A short video with CPA Paul Griz giving us information on the closing costs for buyers and sellers and possible deductions available.

Hilton Head Inspections

Rick Puplava of Southeast Inspection Services on Hilton Head Island shares with us ideas for buyers when they are purchasing a home or villa in the Hilton Head Area. Rick offers inspections and invited the buyer along to learn more about the property that they are purchasing. He also suggests having the property reinspected prior to closing with his services for $85.00 for the re-inspect fee. Southeast Inspection Services can be reached at (843)757-1950

Long Term Rental Demand on Hilton Head Island

This video high lites the demand for Long Term(annual) rentals on Hilton Head Island. Keith Miller owner of Miller Long Term Rentals talks about the current rental market and what is driving the shortage of good rental properties.

A Hilton Head Appraisal Update with Bruce Goff

A local Hilton Head appraiser shares his insites in the Hilton Head Real Estate Market. Bruce Goff gives a look at the present market and the opportunity it offers new purchasers.